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“TWJN has been nothing but a lifeline to me, helping me find some amazing gigs while also motivating me whenever I found myself in a tough spot thanks to the amazing tweets that were also incredibly informative.”

Farhan Subi, Freelance Writer@farhansubi

“TWJN has been a fantastic place for me to connect with other writers and has been one of the most welcoming communities to new and long-time writers that I've found so far! It's wonderful to have a community like this that just wants to help other writers, with no ulterior motives, and offers great resources that can help others succeed.”

Sarah Paschall, Writer@tuspock91

“I stumbled upon The Writers Job Newsletter on Twitter, and it has been a constant guide, helping me find out amazing opportunities curated all over the internet. The community is fantastic, the resources extremely helpful and the tweets extremely informative. 🙂”

Vedvrat Shikarpur, Writer@I_am_Vedvrat