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13 calls to pitch & 7 writing jobs 📣

Happy Sunday to all you writers & creatives 👋

It’s 75 degrees and sunny here in Austin as I’m hunting for writing gigs.. what more could I ask for?? 😎

Got some cool writing contests and pitch calls for you all this week 👇

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So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Resource: Premium Ghostwriting Academy*

2️⃣ 13 calls to pitch & writing contests

3️⃣ 7 writing & marketing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️

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2️⃣ Calls to Pitch & Writing Contests

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($2,000) Ploughshares | Ploughshares' 2024 Emerging Writer's Contest is now open for submissions! Send in your fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for the chance to win $2,000, publication in Ploughshares, and more! Entry is free for Ploughshares subscribers or $30 if you’re not a subscriber. Deadline is May 15 at noon EST. Submission guidelines here

($300+) Inverse | Shannon is taking freelance pitches about the craft or psychology of video games. Rates start at $300 for a good reported piece. Send pitches to [email protected]

($300) Food & Wine | Daniel is looking for pitches about food/kitchen products you love and swear by. Wine glasses? Vegetable choppers? Organization hacks? Check out examples in Daniel’s thread on X. Send pitches to [email protected]

($200) Cleveland Review of Books | Cleveland Review of Books has an open call for pitches of essays, reviews, interviews, and experiments in critical writing to appear in Vol. 2.2, their Fall 2024 print issue. Pitch deadline is April 1. Guidelines here. Send pitches to [email protected] with “print pitch” in the subject line.

(£170) Peace Insight | Peace Insight is looking for new content about local peace-building in contexts affected by mass atrocities. Rate is £170 for 800-950 word article. Pitch guide here. Pitch deadline is March 24. Submit pitches here


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