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How’s everyone doing? I’m doing great!

I’m back in Austin after a little trip down to Mexico 🥲 CDMX is such a wonderful and vibrant city! I’m already making a list of everything I want to do the next time I’m able to visit, but next time I’ll be sure to bring some trusty Pepto Bismol chewables 😅

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1️⃣ 10 calls to pitch

2️⃣ 17 writing jobs

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1️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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(£1,000) Iniva | Iniva now has an open call for writing commissions as part of Unseen Guests — a digital pavilion and a series of radical re-imaginings of nationhood, reflecting on the entanglement between land and water, movement and m/otherlands, in the forging of new identities and subjectivities. It is open to writers based in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The panel will select two writers – one writer based in the UK and one writer based in SSA. Writers will receive a fee of £1,000 each. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to go on a research trip to the 60th Venice Biennale in May 2024; travel, accommodation, and per diem will be covered! Deadline is March 27. Apply here

($500 CAD) The Positive Side | The Positive Side is re-launching their magazine as a community-centered project that nourishes and honors the leadership, creativity, and vision of people living with HIV. They’re open to article pitches from people living with HIV. Submission guidelines here. Pitch deadline is March 29. Send pitches to [email protected]

(£300) JRNY | Kav is looking for a photo essay for the next issue of JRNY due to be published in June. He’s looking for the following destinations: Central Africa, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands (excluding Fiji), Philippines, Turkey, and Turkmenistan. Photo essays are usually around 8 - 12 pages with a short introductory text and a fact box at the end. Your photo essays should fall into one of three categories: destination-focused, culture/tradition, or wildlife/nature. See Kav’s Twitter thread for more info. Pitch deadline is March 29. Send pitches to [email protected]

($300) Nonprofit Quarterly | Are you a worker who organized your workplace for better wages, fair treatment, or work protections? Rithika is looking for workers to share their stories for WE STOOD UP, featuring short-form testimonials about how you did it and why. Pay is $300 for ~500 words. Rithika has updated the call with a pitch guide here. Send pitches to [email protected] or [email protected] with the subject “We Stood Up Submission”

(£250 - £400) Reader’s Digest UK | Eva is after an inspired Father's Day feature for the Reader’s Digest UK print magazine! She’s keen on heartwarming/unusual/entertaining stories with solid case studies and/or experts. Personal essays are also welcome. Pitch deadline is March 25. Send pitches to [email protected]


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