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So, what do we have in this supporter exclusive?

1️⃣ 13 calls to pitch, with four opps $400+ 💰

2️⃣ 13 writing & marketing jobs

1️⃣ Calls to Pitch

($500 - $1,800) Aeon | Aeon is thinking of putting together some profiles of living intellectuals, thinkers for the Fall. If you have a proposal feel free to reply to Sam’s Twitter post here or submit pitches here. Rate is $500 for tenure track or tenured faculty, $1,800 for others.

($400) AFAR | Afar is looking for a travel writer familiar with Albania for a brief write-up that will in appear in print + online. Rate is $400 (+ an extra fee for any social video content). Pitch deadline is July 8. Send pitches (including headline idea, when you last visited/if you plan to go this year, + a few words on why you’re the right writer for the story) to [email protected]

($300 - $500) Territory Supply | Heather is for hiking-related pitches for Territory Supply! The sky is the limit for hiking-related ideas. Some loose concepts to noodle on: hiking gear reviews, first-person narratives about a hiking/backpacking experience, hiking trip reports, profiles of colorful superstars in the world of hiking, skills-related pieces that revolve around hiking or backpacking, unique brand stories that tie back to hiking somehow, backpacking recipes or unique meal ideas. Compensation will usually range from $300-$500 and you will be asked to include at least 3-5 horizontal (and decent) images with your writing. Send pitches to [email protected]

(£150 - £2,500) Mill Media | Freelancers! Joshi is looking for pitches. They’ve increased their monthly budgets at Mill Media so they can commission more writers and pay for larger projects. They’re looking for narrative features, reported profiles, cultural essays, data pieces, and groundbreaking investigations based in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, and Liverpool. They offer fees per story based on location, experience, and the reporting work involved. Rate estimates are around £175 for a 1,000-word review, £300 for a 1,500-word feature, or even up to £2,500 for an ambitious 5,000-word story. Pitch guide here. Submit pitches here

($250) Business Insider | Conz is looking for essays from parents who won't leave their kids with the grandparents anymore because of something they did (or won't do). Example article here. Send pitches to [email protected]


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