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2️⃣ 12 calls to pitch, with six opps $200+ 💰

3️⃣ 12 writing & marketing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️

1️⃣ Resource of the Week*

Bring your entire writing process into one place with Strut. This all-in-one workspace allows you to glide between brainstorming, focused writing, document collaboration, project management, chatting with AI and so much more. It's the only AI designed specifically to support (not replace) the craft of writing, so you can keep your writing moving forward.

Personally, Strut has been a lifesaver for gathering all my random thoughts in one place, especially when running this newsletter! They’ve also just launched a desktop app as well as some cool new features like dark mode and multiple workspace views to make focusing on writing even easier.

But don’t just take my word for it… you can try Strut for free and see for yourself!

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2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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(€500) Unbias the News | Unbias the News is looking for pitches for their new project, The Democracy Playbook. What tactics and strategies work to defend democracy from elite capture? How do people build movements to protect institutions, the environment, and each other from authoritarianism? What are the strategic, cultural, emotional resources possessed by the majority that can counter democratic decline? They want to find stories all around the world from the past and present that center on social movements and their successful tactics and strategies for regaining control over their democracies, or parts of them. If you have a story that you think the world can learn from as we face a wave of authoritarianism, submit a pitch here. They pay €500 per reported article, per person. Pitch deadline is May 1. Read the full pitch call for this project here

($400+) Going | Going is looking to expand their stable of points, credit card, and loyalty program writers. (UPDATE: Rates vary but start at $400). Writer’s guide here. Fill out this form if interested. 

($200+) Business Insider | Conz is back to work again after 5 excruciating weeks of surgery and rehab from her knee injury. She’s working on her email replies now and is open to pitches again! Send pitches to [email protected]

(£150 - £312) The Bookseller | UK-based Black journos & writers! Natasha is looking to commission some interviews for The Bookseller’s 2024 Black Issue. She’s looking for pieces focusing on Black people and topics within the book trade. Pay is £312ish for features, £150 for op-eds and Q&As. Pitch deadline is April 14. Pitch call here. Send pitches to [email protected]

($150 CAD) Spacing | Spacing is looking for contributors and pitches for their next issue (issue 67), which will be published in the summer. Cover Section: Noise. Noise is an inescapable presence in any city. It can be a source of irritation and stress, but it can also convey vitality and bring joy (think of an ice cream truck). The City is currently reviewing its noise bylaws in the never-ending effort to manage noise in the city. What are the issues around how we hear and manage noise in the city? What are noise’s problems and benefits? How do we balance the many different needs around noise — the need to build versus differences in schedules and tastes, and all the other conflicts and compromises that inevitably arise when it comes to the sounds of the city. Most of Spacing’s cover section articles are 1,000 words, but they’re open to other formats, including shorter pieces and sidebars, and graphics and images. Front of magazine: In addition to the cover section, they’re also looking for pitches for articles related to the cover section theme. They’re looking for ideas that focus on the people, places, and ideas connected to life in the public realm of Toronto. These could be standard features (1,000 words), essays, or shorter formats like op-eds (750 words) and creative formats like hidden gems, lists, maps, Q&As, charticles, infrastructure fetishes, etc. They’re also interested in writers open to being assigned stories (let them know if you’re interested). Pay is $150 for 1,000 words. Pitch guide here. Pitch deadline is April 23. Send pitches to [email protected]


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