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Happy Wednesday to TWJN supporters 👋 

If you’ve been dreading and procrastinating like me… this is a friendly reminder that taxes are due in less than a week!! Every year I tell myself I’ll file early and every year April rolls around and here I am 🥲

Anyways, got some cool opps for you all to sift through in this midweek roundup 👇

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1️⃣ 8 calls to pitch, with four opps $350+ 💰

2️⃣ 12 writing & marketing jobs

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1️⃣ Calls to Pitch

($400 - $500) Mashable | Anna is accepting pitches about tech and its intersection with relationships (romantic and otherwise), dating, sex, etc. She’s accepting commissions on a rolling basis. Rates are typically $400 - $500 for 1,200 - 1,500 words. Send pitches to [email protected]

($400+ AUD) nonsense newsletter | Patrick’s nonsense newsletter is opening up pitches for LGBTQIA+ Media Watch Project. He’s looking for feature articles on queer representation across the media from LGBTQIA+ writers and journalists. They pay $400 AUD minimum. He is prioritizing Aus and NZ authors, but are open to overseas commissions. Pitch guide here. Send pitches to [email protected]

($350+) Thrillist | Joe is now seeking freelance pitches for Thrillist! His team is looking for what you have to say about travel, experience, and local culture. Minimum rate for shorter pieces is around $350, but rates vary by story. Pitch guide here. Send pitches to [email protected]

($350+) Extra Points | Matt is open to freelance pitches for Extra Points, a newsletter about business, policy, and off-the-field stories in college sports. He is interested in reported stories, personal essays, and interviews in the “off-the-field stories in college sports” umbrella. Payment typically starts at $350 + subscriber generation bonuses for newsletters, but he is very open to renegotiating a higher rate depending on the pitch. Newsletters are typically ~900-1,300 words. Send pitches to [email protected]

($250+, estimate) Going | Going is looking to expand their stable of points, credit card, and loyalty program writers. Rates vary for these pieces, but Going’s minimums for other pieces they commission are $250 - $300. Writer’s guide here. Fill out this form if interested. 


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